By sp33dway

means everything to me

Since joining blipfoto in November I've had days when I don't even have to think about my blip because it just happens and something either jumps out to be photographed or I actually want to click it. Obviously I've had days in my bliplifesofar when I've photographed something I never thought I ever would or want to, like an empty bog roll or the groove of a coaster rack or an ugly leechy pipe or the inside of a tampon tube or the texture of a semi-wet concrete floor or my twiglet covered fingers or the padded insert from my mountain bike shorts that protects my family-jewels. Then other days I snap the less obscure stuff like a flower or a cloud formation or a spider or my mum teaching me how to wallpaper or my camouflaged gran or some raindrops splashing on the ground.

Today I thought a lot about my blips so far, where I'd like to go and what I'd like to achieve. A lot or not a lot, not quite sure yet but one things for certain: I want more than anything to enjoy taking photo's, for me.

I wanted to keep the theme of water flowing in my blips seeing as it's still pishing it down outside. Hence this pic of the kitchen sink, with orange scissors placed with precision and all the elements reflected in the calm surface of water - moved until they were in just the right place for me. Then one snap, just the one, and I got it.

I may not have photographed everything yet but proverbially I feel like I have and then some, kitchen sink and all.

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