By sp33dway

sunday blipping sunday

Seeing as it is Sunday and seeing as I was inspired by a photo taken by Chunk not too long ago, I decided to keep up my water theme and live life a bit dangerously by blipping this pic handheld with my SLR whilst soaking my back in a hot bath after 2 long days of painting hallage, stairsage, landing and spare bedroom. I was 50pencepiece5pencepiecingit just a tad (think about it) but got the shot eventually - even though it's not too clever due to hardly any light but still handholding it and me having to use the dreaded built-in flash.

(if I turned the light on you could catch a rather 'blue' reflection of my balls in the water. Funny because the reflection wasn't too dissimilar to that from a fairground mirror. But not nice because, well, they're not generally considered an attractive thing to look at are they. Ripples caused by my twiddling toes help add to the diffusion)

Still got another coat to do but we're halfway there now and the end is in sight, the carpet is ordered and the champagne will be in the fridge by the weekend. We may even go a bit mad and throw the roller trays we've collected away although I'd have to make sure the recycling centre will accept them otherwise I may not be able to sleep at night. Either that or try and smuggle them in by lady sp33d flashing a bit of leg to distract the binyard man.

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