By sp33dway

gravity wormhole swirl

This is the plug from said sink, which I actually tried to capture that day too but couldn't.

Got it tonight though so there must've been another thunderstorm in the air or a butterfly fluttering it's wings umpteen squillion miles away. Either that or a small blockage of food remnants working collectively to reduce the flow in the pipes enough to create the perfect amount of wormhole inducing suction.

Apparently the water swirls a different way depending which hemisphere of the earth you live on, so a plug in Australia will swirl around 'tuther way.

I seem to have created a new theme for my blips at the moment, and 'water' it is. A very apt one that I decided to keep today mainly because I was 20 minutes late for work due to floods and goslow drivers. The leak that sprung overnight in our lounge bay roofy bit didn't help either, nor did the 2 hour returnjourneytime it took me to drive the 20 minutes back home to empty the big stoneware basin and reposition it on the window sill, then godrive back to work.

This afternoon there was a flood alert in the village where we work, due to the lake (it's really a bigish pond) being close to bursting it's banks (it actually had, albeit a trickle). Being located about 50 feet or so higher than the old mill building I work in and seeing as there are quite a few townhousestylee homes around us the police decided to issue an evacuation order at around 3.30pm so we had to ship our cars onto higher ground before they had the chance to become canoes and do it on their own, Herbie style. Last time this happened was about 7 years ago before I worked there and the flood was pretty bad so this time we positioned the sandbags and moved furniture onto another floor. Well, I say 'we' but I didn't actually do anything because my back is only just on the mend see and hay anyway the seagrass umbrella stand I carried WAS heavy you know.

Above all else I was gutted too. Why? Cos for the first time since getting it, I left my Nikon at home so missed out on an excellent 'blip thy neighbour' opportunity as all our neighbours were evacuated onebyone to the car park of the womens institute.

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