When you can see a falter, you can quite easily brace for impact. I come across it quite often this in skateboarding where I know I'm not going to quite make the landing, the board doesn't quite go where I expect it and so I can run it off, slide out or take a bit of a dunt but knowing full well the best way to roll out of it with minimal damage.

It's the ones where you don't expect it that hurt the most. Like last night where I just about concussed myself.

We have a couple of jelly men in the house who normally live on the ceiling of the front room. One has been lying around the floor so I decided to return it to it's rightful place. It takes a fair bit of force to stick it to the ceiling so I was giving it full force jump and throwing upwards.......whilst inadvertently standing in under the door frame.

Yes, it did hurt, yes, there was some choice language. Oh and it did hurt....

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