By Lightfantastic

Ode to a Pole

In many ways this day has been a long time in coming. The pole was just on the other side of our garden. It had stood the test of time and only once had we had to have a call out as blue light flickered and arched around the top and along the wires. Each storm we waited watching it sway and blow in the wind. It was a slender pole with a crack running down the middle. Several times we had been told it was on their list but another winter would come and go and another.
Watching it gyrate in recent storms was just too much, enough, our neighbour phoned; they came, they looked and they said yes and set a date.
Thermos flasks filled, laptop battery full, wood burner lit we waited. They came.
Goodbye little pole, you did us well but how strong and safe the new polelooks.

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