The Great Wall of China

I can't visit China without blipping the Great Wall. It is a most amazing structure. Twisting and turning through the mountains it covers a distance of 21,000 km (over 10,000 miles) when all the branches are included. The main wall extends 8,500 km. You can walk along certain sections and it is quite challenging. In some places the slope is almost vertical. The stone is very smooth and it must be very slippery in wet weather. Despite the steep climb, it is hard to resist going further and further as it always looks like the next bit will be a natural stopping point.

On the way back we visited the Ming Tombs. Our driver did not speak any English, nor did the ticket sellers so it was a bit hard to know what to do as there appeared to be several options all at different prices. However we ended up seeing the Dingling Tomb with underground palace, apparently the tomb of an emperor and two empresses. I will have the check the details when back online but it was an enormous area of large stone tunnels and rooms reached by descending 150 steps.

Tonight we had Peking Duck for dinner. I'm not sure we used the correct etiquette for eating it, but it tasted good.

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