Crocus jungle

Today has been glorious - warm and dry - so a day for jobs outside. I took the strimmer to the rear lawn and the bank at the front - both had got rather long and needed a hair cut before the started to grow really vigorously. This winter has been so mild and damp that the grass never really stopped growing...

After the laundry was hung out to dry it was the turn of the fence & shed to get some Forest Green Fence Coat love. They will need another coat next weekend (if it's dry) but they look a lot better at the moment.

Next a large clump of lawn trying to take over the guttering came out and made a nice plop sound when it hit the ground. That should stop the annoying dripping noise it was causing by blocking the gutters and causing an overflow.

Today's blip is a small patch of yellow crocuses we planted last year that have come up though the wild-flower lawn we laid at the front last year. Unlike the conventional grass lawn which has grown quite a bit this winter, the wild-flower lawn has done nothing, once you cut it at the end of the season it does nothing until the spring - it really is low maintenance (so far).

This isn't the perfect picture, but I do like the effect of one in focus flower an the rest out of focus.

With luck it will be nice and dry tomorrow so we can get out on the bikes. I also hope that some of the flooding has subsided enough to get my road bike through - my hybrid really needs service.

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