Crocus 2

Another busy day outside. After breakfast I put some fence coat on some salvaged bits of a fence we planned to patch one of the fence panels with. While that was drying we went for a one and a half hour bike ride. It was good to take the road bike out and we saw loads of other bikers out and about enjoying the sun.

When we got back I had some fruit then pressed on with the fence repairs. One old panel was now in pieces and I took the top rail off to replace the broken panel. With the bits of wood that were okay I made a new small fence for my better half's vegetable patch. I used up the cheap fence coat painting things green - it's okay but it doesn't last.

I tried to get a blip of a butterfly, but it kept moving and gave up on it, settling for another yellow crocus - today's blip being a top down shot of a pair of them.

Finally I sprayed the quince tree with fungicide to try and control the quince blight (Diplocarpon mespili) that has been bothering it for the previous two years and put weed killer on the weeds on the drive. And yes I did check that the quince got the fungicide and the weeds got the herbicide - I wouldn't want to mix them up!

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