By kamran

Prof. Thomas Strothotte

Prof. Thomas Strothotte (58) / Rector of the University of Rostock

This is my 3rd blip outside Magdeburg in last 7 months. I went to Rostock with two other PhD students to apply for new scholarhip as Magdeburg University has currently no funds left for us. We presented our research topics, status of work and when we plan to finish PhD.

Our presentations went quite fine and we have been granted scholarships on the condition that we have to register as students at Rostock University. This also means that I have to leave Magdeburg and move to Rostock, a very difficult decision.

Prof. Thomas Strothotte is our PhD supervisor. Before moving to Rostock as a Rector of university, he was dean at Faculty of Computer Science at Magdeburg University. This is his new office which I find very impressive.

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