To commemorate our kitchen renovations being completed, we had a few of our friends over to celebrate. I don't entertain much but this party was really fun! We had lots of different snacks to eat and I made a birthday cake to celebrate Steven's birthday, which was just a few days ago. Dave & Helen Lucas came over via their boat, the Helen Marie and halfway through the festivities we all got in our boat Chelsea and  their boat and went across the river to Lucas Boatworks to see the mast the Kristyn learned how to build for Steven and the sailboat he's working on, plus the Everglades Challenge boat Dave is working on. Also just just to enjoy their beautiful property. I think a great time was had by all and I so appreciate everyone coming over to see the kitchen and celebrate with us!

There is no wilderness like a life without friends; friendship multiplies blessings and minimizes misfortunes; it is a unique remedy against adversity, and it soothes the soul.
 ~ Baltasar Gracian

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