Had to leave work early to extract a spale from David's finger.


Then he had to do his homework. Was nice just being able to take a leisurely pace with him. He's good at English, better than he thinks. He just needs to take a step back, slow down and focus.

The above is a pic of my bike's frame serial number. After the bike thief scare, I'm logging all our frame numbers and will upload them to a site I noticed the other night which records serials to make reselling stolen bikes harder and reclaiming them easier.

Anyway, had and excellent afternoon with David. Picked up Rose. Had a brilliant evening with them. Had a lovely chat with that person that's been making me smile of late. Now I'm gonna chill.

One more thing, I got up this morning and David comes into the kitchen and says, with a big grin on his face,

"I had a dream about all the food last night, dad".

- I did a big shopping trip at the weekend and the cupboards and fridge are fu' to the gunnels. This is heaven for David.

Such simplistic pleasures. I hope he's always this truly happy.

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