By MelanieMay

"have some fun Put it all on at a hundred to one"

Today I placed my first bet on a horse called Love Rory running in the Cheltenham Festival. I think this was my first time ever in a bookies. It wasn't as bad as I had thought and it was all women working in there, I don't know why that surprised me but it did. Anyways, the odds were 10/1 and I may not bet but I know about odds and maths and all that so I put 2.50 down each way. Love Rory placed tenth, I know nothing about picking horses. To be fair I only placed a bet cause my mate's name is Rory, and he was placing abet too, I am so easily led and have an awful fear of missing out. Anyways, it was quite enjoyable the whole betting thing so I placed another bet for tomorrow so maybe I will win something then. This makes me happy.

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