By MelanieMay

"All this frustration I can't meet all my desires"

For nearly six months now I have been in pain with my back and it is really beginning to get to me emotionally and physically now. I am really pissed off being so limited in my movements. As a result my fitness has gone to shit and I am struggling to do any sort of exercise due to the pain it causes. This evening i went to the gym and whilst my cousin was lifting weights, something that I use to love to do, all I could manage was a stroll on the treadmill. I felt like crying at not being able to do what I enjoy and not being as fit as I was. I would love a personal trainer to help me in the gym and show me how to work out with a back injury. I think I need to call in the professionals if I am to get back in shape. Any offers of help out there or recommendations where to go or who to see?

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