By RexComu1

Places I remember

Back through to Port Glasgow again, this time chasing paper and bank accounts. I was early so I took a detour to drive round some places and revive memories of growing up here. All is not as I remember it. Things change I know, but when they have knocked down the street you were born in it brings into sharp reality just how far things have moved on from the image carried around in your head.

This shot is taken looking towards 'The Port' with the castle on the left where my grandfather was a member of the Newark Rowing Club in the early 1900's. The crane next to it marks Ferguson's shipyard the only one left on the lower Clyde, and past that the waterfront that used to be a hive of shipbuilding activity as far as the eye could see. Now filled with houses, supermarkets and coffee shops.

My biggest worry is now that they have demolished the house I was born in, where are they going to put the commemorative plaque when I become famous?

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