But, then again . . . . .

By TrikinDave

Model Sink.

A significant portion of the day was spent hunting kitchens, I can't help thinking this is going to hurt a little in the wallet area. Magnet had been one of the front runners, but that was before we found a little man in Bonnyrigg who manufactures (or arranges the manufacture of) a much more robust product; I doubt if we'll be buying one of these Magnet sink units.

Times change, since our present kitchen was fitted over 30 years ago, we have doubled the number of electric sockets and fridge capacity and have cluttered the work-tops with can’t-live-without appliances.
One of our resolutions is to manage without cupboards, we’re fed up with items skulking at the back, out of sight and reach, lost until they’re several years past their use-by date when we will use them anyway, provided that we do still have a use for them. The rears of the bottom shelves are much too low down and far away for us. there are far more interesting ways of exercising our bodies.
Drawers are the way to go.

I’m reminded of Arnold Bennett’s story, “The Card,” where Denry Machin designs a thoroughly modern labour-saving house for his elderly mother and then tricks her into moving in. It struck me when I first read it that Bennett had a good grasp of practical design even though he wrote the book over a hundred years ago and was a wordsmith, not an engineer. Mrs TD likes his stories because they’re about her home town(s), I just think he’s an inventive writer with a curious sense of humour.

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