Keith B

By keibr

Winter, spring, winter???

Well, it's definitely spring. Nearly all the snow has melted away, Canada geese are appearing on the unfrozen bits of the lake, snowdrops are out, the first coltsfoot flowers have been spotted and the first two blackbirds of the year arrived at our bird feeder today.
However, winter isn't letting go completely just yet. Temperatures have sunk under freezing for the last 36 hours and last night a thin layer of new snow turned the world white again. The forecast mentions minus 7 and 8C and more snow, interspersed with chilly sunny days.
Here's the view from a local hill. We are looking westwards and at the bottom of the steep slope you have the (frozen) lake, behind the nearest houses some ploughed fields, then an area of felled forest and at the back of all that, half-hidden in the trees is our yellow house. I took myself up here as part of my daily 5km which I attempt to do every day.
It still looks fairly wintery doesn't it! Maybe those blackbirds and Canada geese will head south again for a while!

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