Wine,Women & Song

By CelloNerd

On the road again

You must listen to this while reading this blipfoto post.

It's Monday, so once again we hit the wide open road and head south to rehearsal in Mt. Vernon. If you followed my instructions, you are listening to Hoedown, a song that says "America" perhaps better than any other, and which is part of the score written by Aaron Copland for the ballet Rodeo. It's almost impossible to listen to this without wanting to don a cowboy hat and go signup for the next cattle roundup.

The only thing more fun than playing Hoedown and Plink, Plank, Plunk with the orchestra is playing them with the orchestra on the piano --- which is what Travis, our conductor, has asked me (and Kelly) to do. The piano part is really fun, and I'm way more in my element on the keyboard.

Giddy up!

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