Growing Up in 16 Years

By Belizgundogdu


The one on left is me from first grade having my first piano concert with the group of people from the same music school. It was extremely exciting and I was literally shaking crazily. My teacher relaxed me. He made me love playing the piano. That day was another unforgettable scene from my life. Now, the photo on right is my last concert which was last year. I was excited, but self-confident, because it has been 10 years now. I stopped it in eight grade for my important exam, and you know what? That sacrifice of one year totally offput me from playing it. My mother insisted a lot and I started in somewhere else since we moved. My teacher this year, he didn't just carried me back where was I, but he also showed me what passion is. Even though my first teacher taught me a lot and made me love, passion is also required to keep doing something. He made me realized that.

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