By Tommy0161

Art in. Spinningfields...

The people who run the Spinningfields area of Manchester are very particular about how it looks and feels. It could have been another soulless, but profitable, business district but they have really worked hard, by putting on events and opening restaurants and bars, to encourage people to visit. It's worked well and is a vibrant part of the city.

At Christmas, Hardman Square was the site of the city's ice skating rink. Situated among the glass towers, it had something of the atmosphere of the Rockefeller Centre in NYC at Christmas.

Of course the rink here would have had a bad effect on the grass of the lawns, but they have replaced it and the lawns looked lush and green, ready for the summer. The people looking after Piccadilly Gardens could do worse that have a word with the people who look after this area to pick up a few points on landscape maintenance. The bars that surround the lawns were also having a makeover ready for the long, warm sunny days we hope we will have in the summer.

In one of the corners of the lawn, part of the lawns had been pinched up by this huge clothes peg artwork. I think it's fun...

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