By keithyboy

Aussie Aussie Aussie

This is the back of Dan Riccardo, his Red Bull and the home crowd cheering on their national hero. Finishing second in your first race with a top team is an great acievement, much more so because of the problem Red Bull had with their pre season testing. The Mercedes team were miles ahead of this young man with the one working car they had. The other Mercedes, much like the other Red bull, with the more experinced drivers had to retire from the race.

In a race where rain threatened but never came to anything, there was a lot of close racing and being the first race of the season, the obligatory first corner pile up where we lost a Williams and a Cateram in the gravel. Mercedes showed their power and McLaren really impressed too, new drivers in all the top teams proving their worth with strong showings. Particularly Magnussen (spelling?) in his debut F1 race with McLaren.

The perfect day to be sat outside with my pale skin, mostly overcast and not too hot. We arrived at the circuit around 7.30am with only one couple in front of us at the gate, this meant we had great opportunity to get to our planned location of turn 2. we made it, some people were there before us because they ran but we had an excellent view of the first 2 corners and the big screen.

After the race we joined the masses on track to try and see the podium proceedings but all we caught was the interviews, we managed to pick up a few marbles as compensation. For everyone who is unfamiliar with marbles, they are bits of rubber shed from the car tyres during the race, so called because it is like driving on marbles when you leave the racing line and loose rubber becomes the road.

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