By keithyboy

Sweet week: Monday

Got a bit of a theme for this week, my favourite thing, confectionary. Smiley face. I will completely ignore St Patricks Day and the culture in melbourne.

Today starts with my favourite fisheye lens and dessert at the Lindt cafe in Melbourne. It was news to me that such things exist, but thank the good Lord they do. The delights in this are too numerous for me to remember by name but there are 2 sharing platters to be shared among 3 people, Will, Susie and I. Given our appetite for chocolate, it was barely enough and we ended up filling boxes with chocolates on the way out.

For the sensible out there, you can be sure we had luch first - Chineese in Chinatown. Chopsticks were my weapon of choice for the lemon chicken before we embarked on a trip up to the eighty-somethingth floor of one of the Southern Hemisphere's tallest buildings.

This will bore the pants off most people and I am sure acusations of glorified instagraming will fly in my direction but it's my blip and I'll do whatever I want. Then I will regret tomorrows blip (I'm currently 6 days behind with blips) because it doesnt show the wild koala or the 12 apostles or anything on the Great Ocean Road in Australia, instead it shows...

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