By weewilkie


Stookie-less , stookie-less / the greatest gift, that I possess...

Yes, the stookie* came off today and didn't go back on. I already feel so much better. Sisyphus had his boulder to endlessly roll uphill, I ... eh .. had a stookie on for a month.
Actually, I do feel that it was a bit of a penance I was paying. Something happened. Never mind what, it didn't matter for Joseph Heller and it doesn't matter here. Something happened and shortly afterwards I broke my wrist and incarcerated my left arm. The Gods decided I needed to feel the pain for my actions a little more literally.
I've been low ever since: not sleeping, my skin has deteriorated and my sense of self feels like a huge boulder that I'm trying to push up a very steep hill.
In short, I've physically gone through a bit of a downturn in health which (by my reasoning) has resulted in a month of purgatory, and quite rightly so.
Ahh, but the release when it came off !! The fun of picking and creating a skin-flake storm. To have a proper bath... maybe a proper sleep !! And as I fully immerse myself in a hot bath I realise that there is no lily without mud, there is no right without left, no up without down. No atonement without acceptance.


* a 'stookie' is the Scots word for a plaster-cast

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