Peninsula Light

By PeninsulaLight

Another sea kayaking trip from Cromarty, and another oil rig with supply vessel in the Cromarty Firth. Not solo today, with another two kayakers.

We paddled over to the North Sutor (a headland), and up the coast a bit towards Balintore. Lots of cliffs and huge rocks to explore, and negotiate our way around. Plenty seabirds in the water and on those cliffs and rocks. A few caves to have a nosey in. Stopped for lunch and blethering on a rocky beach.

Don't recall if the (Bottlenose) Dolphins came by - they often do, so much so that we can be a bit blasé about there appearance - this is a(nother) way-back-Blip... four years back!

On the return, we thought we'd be able to cut across the firth to the South Sutor, before the arrival of an approaching supply vessel. "Heck it's towing an oil rig behind it, so can't be going that fast." How wrong we were, we stopped and gave way to them. They were traveling at a surprisingly rapid rate. Another near identical supply vessel that was coming in behind them, and probably providing some safety cover, kindly stopped, and waved us on. We waved thanks to them on the way by. We can all be so very courteous and polite out there, don't you know...

A good day.

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