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By lozarithm


It was a beautiful afternoon last Saturday, and I after I had concluded my business in Chippenham there was time to take advantage of it. I drove to Kellaways and parked at the river bridge opposite the Maud Heath monument and took in the springtime views.

From there I soon reached Peckingell, where I have previously found blips of the polo ponies. There were half a dozen in the field next to the river and I got some shots of them, one wandering over to me to see if I had any humbugs.

I walked round the outer perimeter of the field alongside the River Avon, where some volunteers were removing a fallen tree trunk from the river, enjoying the blue skies and spring colours. I took a number of shots, favouring the ultra-wide angle zoom on my Pentax K-x for many of the shots, including this one as I approached a small footbridge that leads back to Kellaways.


Blip #1212
Consecutive Blip #074
Day #1451

River Avon At Kellaways (with Archie in the background)
Peckingell Ponies
River Avon #1
River Avon #2
River Avon #3

A Visit To Kellaways And Peckingell, 15 March 2014 (Flickr set)

Lenses: Pentax 12-24mm, Pentax 55-300mm

Peckingell series
River series
River Avon (Bristol) series

Lozarhythm Of The Day:
The Beach Boys - Good Vibrations (1966)
This is the 2012 Stereo Extraction Mix, the first time it had been released in stereo because the multi-track tapes were incomplete or damaged. Technology enabled the missing vocals to be extracted from the mono master and dropped in to recreate the stereo image.

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