By wonderlust

Big Changes

Big changes are just around the corner. After going through some tough times, my husband took it upon himself to help his twin brother out. He got him a job working with the same company my husband works for and we gave him a place to stay, our guest bedroom. I have no idea how long this living arrangement will last - probably through winter which has only just begun. Let me tell you, winter is a long season in Wisconsin. To say I'm a little apprehensive about the living arrangements would be an understatement. I like my brother-in-law, but we live in a small apartment which means tight quarters and a serious breech of privacy. It all starts Monday and I feel claustrophic just thinking about it. *Deep Breath*

BTW, Day 3 of the Christmas series... I'm not garaunteeing there won't be other blips thrown into the mix, but I like the Holiday Challenge.

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