By wonderlust

Goodbye Thanksgiving, Hello Christmas

Is it possible to do a holiday themed blip from now throughout the remainder of the year? Probably. Might I attempt the feat? Maybe.

Got a shocking letter in the mail today from my landlord. Said I would be charged a $150 fee in addition to my rent until "the dog in question" is removed from our apartment as it violates the terms of our lease. Particularly shocking because we do not have a dog. You could say I was just a little irate upon reading the letter. I called my landlord immediately only to find out they had made a mistake and sent the letter to the wrong unit. Whew.

So November was a bad blip month for me. Life just got in the way. It felt really good to upload a blip yesterday; so good that I was bound and determined to make December a better month despite "life" and whatever it will bring. I just hope things continue to go well. If so, maybe by the new year I will fill bliplandia in.

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