Back and Forth thru time

By pingufivemins

Show me The Wonder

Evening all.

Well, today was what I would call a "Herriot day".

Not one of those where Britain's best loved literary vet spent hours on the floor of a cold draughty barn with his hand buried deep into a cow's ladybits.

More one where he was out and about and had a little time to catch his breath and take in the unspoiled countryside views, step back from his life for a moment, sit on a long forgotten hillside and count his blessings.

Lovely stuff.

In other news, with a bit of luck, lots of gaffa tape, a furtive firkle with a screwdriver, and lots of exhortations, I have made my laptop rumble into life again.

Now if the hamster will keep running in the wheel to provide the power needed, we may be back in business.... (back blips to follow obviously)

night all


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