Arnside and beyond

By gladders

Grange sunset

As seen from the top of Arnside Knott, the sun sets behind Grange over Sands. Gus and I waited to see it drop below Hampsfell, it wasn't a spectacular sunset since there was no cloud to pick up the colours, but it was uplifting to see it anyway. Arnside Simon tells me that I missed some good Arnside sunsets when we were away, as the grey pall moved north to Norway with us. It will be a cold night tonight under the clear sky, and Reggie is back inside to keep him warm.

It was a busy, yet restful day. I took Gus on the annual pilgrimage to see the wild daffodils at far Arnside, a good showing as there is every year, though this time I found more green hellebores in amongst them than I have seen before. On the way back, I heard my first chiffchaff of the season (yesterday I heard my first blackcap singing in the lane outside our house, though that would almost certainly have been an overwintering bird rather than a new arrival).

In between, we took advantage of the fine, cold weather to do some garden tidying. Signs of Spring are everywhere.

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