By wheriam

through the arches

Looking towards Victoria St from the site of the old Crowne Plaza (Park Royal). The pellet pavillion on the left has been there for a couple of years, but is to be deconstructed next week as the Gap Filler group have other plans to move on to. Not sure if that means the archways will go or stay, but as I was driving past today I thought I should get another photo in case they disappear. I hope they stay as I rather like them, but guess it depends on what plans the land owner has. Will be interesting to watch progress as this site which has an interesting (and I guess controversial) history.

Victoria St originally ran straight through to Cathedral Square so was the major road link from Papanui. In the 1980's the inner city sector of the road was closed, the Park Royal hotel was built across the corner and Victoria Square (formerly Market Square) was developed into a fabulous park bordered on 2 sides by the river, and the hotel and town hall.

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