Check it out

Pio was rather more interested and somewhat perplexed by his reflection in Rae's cute little mirror. He tried bopping himself, before stalking off, disgruntled. Cousteau didn't really care.

I've had a lovely day today. An unexpected arrival while I was in bed, talking to DB and AB on the phone - greeted in my pjs. Some friends had come to pick up some furniture to take away for a charity they run.

Then an unexpected call and a really thoughtful gesture from a friend from Northern Ireland, wanting to wish DB and me all the best for our wedding and for my change of circumstances.

Off to Yo's for afternoon tea and a lovely, open talk.

Home to play with animals and mirrors and now off to JL's for dinner and a dog walk.

Life is good and, tired as I am, I am happy.

DB has just rocked AB's ninth birthday party, and had some fun to boot. I bet they'll all sleep well tonight; sounds pretty high energy!

Night all.


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