Spent the day indoors today.  Weather still damp and dismal.

And dismal is a good word to describe the football played by Newcastle United this afternoon.  They were away at Southampton and I listened on the radio whilst doing the ironing.  Newcastle were useless.  They lost the match 4 - 0.  Southampton could have - should have -  scored more goals.  I feel sorry for the 2,000 + faithful Newcastle fans who made the 600 mile round trip to Southampton and had to witness the poor football played by their team.

Apart from washing, washing up and ironing I have had a bit of a lazy day. Not heard from Neil - he had a day off today and was playing rugby.

Today the Forum Challenge word is Euphonious - meaning pleasing or agreeable to the ear.  So I have fished out some music by Cat Stevens.  I was more than a bit in love with CAT STEVENS in the 70's.  I even got to see him perform at Newcastle City Hall.... wonderful.  The first LP I ever bought was Tea for The Tillerman released in 1970 and then  Teaser and the Firecat in 1971.  As you can see I have a recent addition - a CD of Cat Stevens greatest hits.

I have been listening to some of his songs this evening - brought back some memories.  Tried to pick a favourite but there are so many that I like.   In the end I chose his version of the hymn    MORNING HAS BROKEN.  I would say its certainly euphonious.

If you look closely on the left of my blip shot you will see a bit of Lily has crept in.  By the time SHE got to this stage I gave up.  Its usually Tino who gets in the shot but he is fast asleep at the moment.

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