The loss of an hour seemed to have confused Tino and Lily.  They were crying ( Lily ) and howling ( Tino ) while I was still in bed and trying to sleep this morning.  They are usually quiet if I'm sleeping so I can only assume they were a bit upset wondering  what time it was.

I have had a quiet day at home.  Didn't fancy going out as we have had a nasty rainy day.  The sun did come out now and again but it was freezing cold.  Strangely sometimes it was raining with bright sunshine at the same time.

Doing ironing this evening but am having a little break  to do my blip. 

My blip shows Tino fast asleep in his box which is on the dining table.  The sunshine was streaming in.  Some Bengal cats have  glitter in their coats and Tino does.  I think you can see it in this shot.  From his pedigree papers I see that his mother's pedigree name was Glitterglam Coppergold and his grandmother  was Glitterglam Mai Ling. Going back further there are other Glitterglams too. 

Steps today - 3,202

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