Sixteen Blippers and a Windmill

After a fairly laid back day, we rolled our little green Lotus out of the garage for a run up to Chesterton Mill. It was a rearranged blipmeet arranged by Graham Colling and Draco with 16 blippers putting in an appearance.

We were hoping to capture the sunset but it became clear that the clouds weren't quite playing ball for that game. In advance of that however, the combination of sun and cloud made for a good few minutes of interesting photography opportunity (and today's blip).

As the light began to go altogether, some wire wool was brought out for some long exposure firey fun. Check out some of the other blippers posts from today to see the spectacular results. Thanks to Graham and Matthew for bringing the wool and the great spinning for the rest of our benefit.

It was great to put some faces to names. Blippers present were: Draco, GrahamColling, JohnZ, PaulaK, HelenJG, MPJG, KenH, LostPixel, MatthewHicks, IanPiper, RuralDave, FrankBrett, JamesSmith and ViewsFound.

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