My Angle

By myangle

Wynnum Harbour AM

The sunrise this morning was lovely. Tony and I hired a boat and went fishing on the bay today. Sorry Treegonk, not worthwhile fish pics. It was windy, cold but sunny which is a bit like sweet and sour. All in all though it was a good day out and there is a plan for another trip in 2 weeks, weather permitting.
Our primary objective was sharks today. There are thousands of juveniles between 3 an 6 foot long in the bay. We didn't catch any which is a little unusual.

I shot this image while waiting for the boat to arrive. It was the best shot of the day. There were pelicans and seagulls everywhere. The rockwall on the right hand side is the exit to the harbour which is no more than a creek mouth really. Ten foot left of that rockwall is a sandbar which can catch the unwary boatie out. In fact the bay is full of sandbars.

1/2500 sec, f9, 400ISO, 18-55mm lens @ 18mm, Canon 350D.

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