Won't Get Fooled Again

It was very foggy when I looked out of the window this morning but I could see it gradually clearing and soon there were blue skies and vapour trails so I headed out for my blip with the idea very much in mind that if I left it until later, the misty murk would re-establish itself.

I decided with the lack of wind I might get some nice reflections at Stover Lake. I noticed that the Council were having a little April Fool's Day joke saying that the parking charge was going up from £1 to £1.20 on April the 1st. Hahal, I wasn't falling for that one!

To be honest it wasn't particularly attractive and there was very little sign of Spring in the trees there. Still it was good to be there and nice to be out without a coat but after a walk around the lake I was soon back to the car to see if those council jokers had put a ticket on my car for only putting £1 in their machine.

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