'UPMEADS': a strange name for a house, I thought. Still, the tiles which spell it out are quite attractive. Jut as well, really, since this is the only photograph I took today.

Apart from the short walk I was on when I spotted this, I was busy again today with work stuff, first getting ready for a meeting with an ex-work colleague who wants some work done, then actually making a start on a proposal for him. I'd also got a call last week from my ex-boss, asking if I'd be available this week to do some copy-editing for him. Having said I would be, I wasn't surprised to get an email with an article he's written for publication in a magazine. He'd been asked to reduce the word count, which is where I came in. I was able to turn to his work as soon as I got back from my meeting in town, and returned an amended version to him within three hours or so.

The week is rapidly shaping up into a busy one. There's another client waiting in the wings for letterheads and an annual report and a logotype for an offshoot of a concern I did the original logo for -- and I need to do some more work on a web site which is at first-proposal stage. I'm tired now. Coffee, I think, then maybe an early night to recharge the batteries for more work tomorrow.

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