By todayoutof10

Style vs. substance...

I love wind turbines. I find myself drawn to their beauty. Singularly spectacular and in a group I find them quite jaw dropping.

This one is a back blip, from a recent trip to St Andrews.

I've noticed a few different types, one of which is particularly beautiful. Smooth, rounded clean lines and an overall look that is really stylish and more akin to an art installation.

It turns out I was right. I met a family chum recently who's an engineer for an energy company and is lucky enough to work with turbines up close - even climbing them! There are two main types that we see. One is German and one is Spanish.

Guess which one is super stylish but pretty rubbish and which one looks dull but is brilliantly designed and terribly functional...

Wasn't it ever thus!

Ps, this is a German one ;)

Today outof10? A sleek and stylish 8.7 ❤️

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