A Survivor

Nothing really grabbed me when I got home and looked at my shots and I didn't have time to head out into the garden, so just a snap today.

Here we have the rear of the Kaiapoi Railway Station where the verandah was once attached, the double doors were the main entrance.

Kaiapoi Railway Station has survived three fires, one of which was a lightning strike, was twice saved from demolition by the actions of residents and the Historic Places Trust and also survived the September 2010 earthquake which shifted the building on its foundations and left it leaning towards the river. Apart from the verandah, the building was basically undamaged and has now been shifted, awaiting a decision on its ultimate future site. The Kaiapoi i-SITE Visitor Centre moved back into the railway station building in April 2013. We hope in the future the verandah will be reconnected. I'll blip the front of the station at a later date.

Out and about with my dear mum walkingS. We had some fun walking by the Kaiapoi River with our camera's out, mum said she 'felt like a tourist' :)

It's really good to see her with a camera in hand, learning some new skills and enjoying her time out :)

I was thrilled to see my little Anemone japonica hit the spotlight page. Warm thanks to you all for your lovely words, stars and fav. My apologies I didn't get back here last night and not so sure about tonight, hubby and I are trying to plan a small holiday - there is much to talk about :))

Hope your all having a wonderful week - Happy Thursday everyone :)

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