Let's Dance!

Would we (our group of older dancers) help Robbie Synge young dancer and choreographer by coming along to the macrobert arts centre this evening to give our reaction to a new piece, Rally in Progress, he is developing?

So we did. Imagine our shock horror to find that we were the performers!

Instead of sitting back in comfy chairs watching a brand new work we were up on our pins being led through a performance piece in the foyer of the macrobert to the bemused looks of other theatregoers.

Oh yes it was a dry run alight for on Saturday he will be doing it again as part of the macrobert annual dance celebration.

And on the domestic front-
Do shrews bite? Yes!

I rescued one today from Taz.

Bites from shrews are poisonous says M.

Panic! What to do? Google it. The short answer is no- unless you are a small rodent or other animal.
Well, I’m small but not that small.

So today I have got a very sore finger.

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