By RunAndrewRun

Erdinger - Alkohol Frei :-(

Definite rest-day, following yesterday's exploits ;-)

And it's now also Easter-holidays for Junior (schools are out in Edinburgh); so we're off to Coniston - in the Lake District - from Monday through to Friday next week ...

... I am taking my running-gear with me and a bit of back-blipping will follow come next Friday/Saturday!

Meantime - for your mild amusement! - remember I made that rash promise to stay off of alcohol after we returned from the weekend in Southern France ... well, that was some 4-weeks ago, and so far I've managed it.

Only seven more weeks to go :-(

I have though had to stock up on some alcohol-free beer (as pictured), to take with us on holiday, as we're staying right next to a really nice pub, which I just dare not enter :-((

Desperate measures.

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