The Blackcountry Man

By brickmaker

BM's Presentaion at the Camera Club....

About two weeks ago I was asked to fill in for a guy who was to do a talk about his trips to the Lake district, Sue, being the kind and considerate person she is, smiled at me and fluttered her eyes lashes so how could I refuse.

My subject was to be "Creating an Audio Visual slide show", now this is surprising as there are many professional Photographers who do this all the time, but the catch was, they all use "Mac's" and I use PC.

So over that past week I have rehearsed and gotten used to manipulating the software, Pro Show Gold, so I was fully OK with it.
Everything was going great guns, until I tried to do something a little flash, and it failed miserably, but nobody was too upset and I did make light of it anyhow and it raised a laugh or too, which broke the ice a little.

Anyway for my sin's I have been asked to do another talk on how I created This HDR which took a 10/10 in a competition recently.
So I must try harder, as they said at School and get my head down and make sure everything works this time.

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