The Blackcountry Man

By brickmaker

Packing from the Clamp.....

This has got to be the hardest job in any brick yard, packing from a Brick Clamp, here is Nigel using a traditional 8 brick brick lifter which speeds up the packing. These guys should pack 11,000 bricks each per day not counting the waste which runs at about 10% to 12%. You can see smoke coming up from over the back, this is he smoke from the kiln burning, it's about 35 meters in front of the line of packers, but these bricks are cold and during the weekend the fire will move further down the kiln, so Monday they will be well clear of the heat.
Nigel, as you can see is feeling the cold as are the rest of the guys but they are tough and just get on with it.

Only these are in the rest are away and from the 17th these guys will be away for quite a while.

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