Choose a colour

1. Clear kitchen worksurfaces
2. Remove clock, pin board etc from wall and remove blinds from windows.
3. Cover all cupboards with large sheets of polythene.
4. Bleach and clean a couple of areas of mould.
5. Hack off a small area of loose plaster on the wall.
6. Sand down all painted surfaces
7. Repair a couple of small areas of damage on the ceiling and walls
8. Brush all the dust into a bin.
9. Wash down all surfaces (lots of changes of water required)
10. Apply first coat of emulsion to the ceiling with a roller, then touch up the edges and awkward corners with a paintbrush
11. Clean roller and brushes.
12. Put all tools away
13. Remove all the protective polythene.
13. Sweep all surfaces
14. Wash all surfaces

End of day one. Kitchen now ready to prepare an evening meal. Then I'm off to give a presentation to the Photographic Society.

I shall sleep well tonight.

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