By hpx

The fool

Bronze and Metal sculpture - Sam Mahon.

be@nz and I took a wander around the Arts Centre this afternoon. We were braced for throngs of people at the weekend market but it was surprisingly quiet. Apparently they'd been there in the morning. Our guess was it was too hot so they headed for the malls. I'd rather stick a fork in my eye than go to a mall ;-)

We pottered around the stalls, blipped people, trams (don't get excited, I think Christchurch has two trams and they only do a 'tourist' loop), the art gallery and installations outside it, had coffee and discovered this sculpture. (Let's do it again soon be).

I can't remember the whole text but gist of the meaning is; mankind has the knowledge to live sustainably but we choose not to. To my shame this statue has been outside the Court Theatre since 2005. I noticed it for the first time today. Blipping helps you see :-)

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