Sunshine at last

Driving down to Twyford yesterday was a mixture of rain, spray, road works and traffic jams. The journey took quite a bit longer than usual due mainly to being stuck in a traffic jam for about an hour somewhere near Manchester. Thee was no apparent reason for it.

Today the sun appeared and it was almost warm. Somebody commented to me the wind was cold. Compared to the wind we have been receiving in Aberdeenshire it was not cold in the least. I thought I had come all this way to discover the sunshine., but it seems the sun has appeared in Aberdeenshire today also, but I am sure it is much warmer here.

A visit to Waitrose today for some supplies to see me through the next couple of days. A chance to have an apple strudel in place of a fruit tart. The apple strudels do have a lot of apple, it must count as one of five, seven or ten portions of fruit and veg.

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