Visiting Wargrave

A visit to Wargrave today, a village between Twyford and Henley. That is what it has always been for me, a place to pass through on the way to Henley. In that sense previously I have never been to Wargrave.

The name is derived from 'Weir-Grove', and nothing to do with war graves. It has several interesting buildings and this one caught my eye. there are three pubs in close proximity, one of them I noticed has an old style (circa 1950s or earlier) petrol pump outside. The petrol pump in some ways is reminiscent of when the public houses would have served the stage coaches travelling between Henley-on-Thames and Reading.

I took the train from Tywford to Wargrave, I wonder if this is the first time I have ever taken a train on the line to Henley, perhaps not. The journey to Wargrave lasts all of three to four minutes and costs £2.20 which seems quite a lot for a journey of such a short duration.

Having had lunch in Wargrave I returned to Twyford and to the Wagon and Horses where there was time for a pint sitting in the garden. At one point looking up I saw a plane which having left from Heathrow appeared to be travelling in close formation with a biplane from a nearby flying club. The two planes flying together would have made a great photograph had I been prepared.

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