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Stonebridge Lane Wild River Reserve

After a shopping trip in Marlborough, I drove on to Stonebridge Lane to see for the first time the River Kennet water meadow that has been restored there by volunteers in recent years. From the lane there is a ramped wooden walkway along the riverside that leads to wooden seating, where I was able to sit in the sun and watch river life - mallards and moorhens predominately, though it didn't seem impossible that a kingfisher might have flashed past. This willow was taken on the return walk.

9.4.2014 (1311 hr)

Blip #1227
Consecutive Blip #089
Day #1466

Fish Art In Marlborough
Marlborough Pussy Willow

Lenses: Pentax 17-70mm

River series

Stonebridge Lane Wild River Reserve (Web site)

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