Abbey Normal Too

The barber was really busy this morning when I first poked my nose up to the window and due to my hatred of hanging around hairdressers (shops, not the people) and the fact there was only one chair clipping and cutting we decided we'd pop over the border to Fife and try again later.

Headed first to the cafe in the park looking for some lunch but that resembled some sort of baby buggy convention/mother and toddler meet so wandered up to the town centre to find someplace that wasn't as buzzin' on a Haribo high. Haven't been around the ancient streets of Dunfermline for a while but it's much like any other High Street nowadays; some empty units, loads of charity shops, cash converters and betting shops in amongst a few quiet looking independents. We left as some commotion was going on with blue lights of police and ambulances flashing along the road and escaped to the peace of the Abbey to experience and read up on a bit of history. Spent a good while in here poking our heads into dark corners and travelling back in time almost completely on our own. It's a great place to visit when the weather, like today, isn't at its best, and, best of all for us canny types, is free.

Didn't spot the photographer photographing me as I was taking this shot. Gives the shot a a nice sense of scale though.

Barber's was much quieter when we got back too. Job done.

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