Monty. One horn. All mystical and magical like a Unicorn. All smelly like a damp goat.

Hung around past lunchtime waiting on Euan finishing up his 'supported study' session at school (seems to have been more at school these holidays than he is during term time) before heading over to Perthshire and the excellent Auchingarrich Wildlife Centre. The place was mobbed so kind of glad we hung around until the afternoon when it started to get a bit quieter. Lots of new additions to the place since we were last up there, less like an open farm and more zoo-like with the exotic creatures they've now got in - including this unigoat. No spider-pig that I could see though. Lots of oo-ing and ah-ing at the new-borns in the hatchery accompanied by cries of "we really should get a pet pig/guinea pig/chicken/meerkat/etc."

By the time we'd gotten around the park our own wildlife was complaining of hunger so finished off the afternoon with a poke of chips 'n sauce eaten alfresco with plastic forks in the nearby village.

Highly recommended; the wildlife park and the chips 'n broon sauce.

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