Pictorial blethers

By blethers


This is the old reservoir above Innellan, no longer needed since Scottish Water joined us all up to Loch Eck. I think it's the first photo I've ever taken here, and I thought it looked reasonably picturesque in the late afternoon sun. I've edited out some telegraph wires that looked a tad unsightly - a devil of a job in among the branches of a tree!

We walked up here this afternoon right to the watershed - and to the southernmost point of the proposed giant wind farm that will set the kiss of death on this area if it's allowed to go ahead. I couldn't help noticing that the forestry road has been upgraded at this point on the hill - as wide as a B road, and almost as smooth. And I couldn't help noticing the three small wind turbines on the hill above Wemyss Bay, and noting that the giants proposed for our hill will be three times the height of the ones we could see ...

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